Friday, November 14, 2008

That's hot. [#TFR]

[03:16:36] [Gtop] Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Emmanuelle Chriqui is hot.
[03:16:53] [Gtop] I would kill you all for her
[03:17:12] [Ferret|Work] serakyu|afk:: diabetes meds can fuck you up like that.
[03:17:17] [Ferret|Work] Gtab:: i require pictures.
[03:17:40] [titleiiredneck] so can steroids
[03:17:56] [Gtop] Google her name
[03:18:01] [Gtop] You will be happy you did.
[03:18:03] [Gtop] Go on.
[03:18:03] [serakyu|afk] i would fuck you to fuck her, gtab
[03:18:04] [Gtop] I'll wait.
[03:18:07] [titleiiredneck] hot as chick i knew because of predisonegained 45lbs
[03:18:10] [Gtop] You'd fuck me anyway.
[03:18:12] [serakyu|afk] she's the girl that plays e's gf on entourage
[03:18:19] [Gtop] Correct.
[03:18:26] [Gtop] And she was in Dont Mess with the Zohan
[03:18:29] [Gtop] And Crow 4
[03:18:32] [Gtop] And a buncha other shit
[03:18:34] [Gtop] She sucks.
[03:18:36] [serakyu|afk] my heart damn near stopped the first time i saw her on entourage
[03:18:40] [Gtop] Because she isnt with me.
[03:18:48] [titleiiredneck]
[03:19:26] [Gtop] Seriously I would slit serakyu|afk's throat on live webfeed if it'd get her juices going.
[03:19:31] [titleiiredneck] gab, get my im the other day?
[03:19:39] [Gtop] I dunno maybe?
[03:19:40] [serakyu|afk] if it'd get her juices flowing i'd let you
[03:19:47] [Gtop] I have been in and out all the last few days
[03:19:55] [titleiiredneck] ah
[03:20:03] [Gtop] serakyu|afk: You're a goddamn patriot and a true team player
[03:20:07] [serakyu|afk] lol
[03:20:08] * Gtop sets mode: +v serakyu|afk

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